Be Centered. Find Your Balance With Yoga

By Pregnancy & Parenting Team Apr 28, 2017

Becoming a new mom brings physical changes from pregnancy and birth; along with hormonal, emotional and social changes. These changes can be overwhelming and result in tears, sleeplessness and feelings of isolation.

Yoga classes have become a popular source for moms in search of connection, relaxation and a new way to bond with their baby.

Physically, the benefits of yoga are endless. Since core strength is a main focus of yoga, moms get back in touch with the parts of their bodies that changed so much during pregnancy and birth. Secondly, practicing yoga builds and strengthens muscles, as well as helps to regain posture.

Beyond physical benefits, yoga also helps with the emotional challenges of motherhood and helps new moms cope with the common challenges of daily life. Moms can practice breathing techniques and learn to focus on relaxation.

Yoga stresses inner peace and calmness, which is especially important for sleep-deprived moms and mothers of a colicky or fussy baby. Many yoga programs are starting to incorporate baby into the routine. This allows the mom to participate in a mind, body and spirit activity, while enjoying close contact and bonding with her baby.