Don’t miss out! Benefits of a breastfeeding community.

By Jackee Haak, IBCLC Apr 17, 2017

Is my baby getting enough milk?

Is the baby’s latch OK?

Is it normal for my baby to eat this often?

Would my baby sleep more with more feedings?

These are just a few of the many questions that run through your head as a new breastfeeding mom. Learning how to breastfeed takes time and practice, which is hard when you are new to breastfeeding and when you have a new baby who is hungry and only thinking about eating. The hospital offers support and help during your stay, and this help in the hospital is wonderful, but what are you supposed to do once you get home? Find a breastfeeding community!

Breastfeeding can be challenging at times and having extra support can help you work through any difficulties. My mother did not breastfeed so asking family for help wasn’t an option when my son was born. Community support would’ve been a wonderful resource. Without a breastfeeding community, 60 percent of moms do not reach their breastfeeding goals. Finding a group that makes you feel comfortable and supported could be the difference that would help you reach your goals.

A breastfeeding community can be a group of mom’s who give each other support and offer help when needed, or it can be a group run by people with specific breastfeeding training. Luckily, finding breastfeeding support in your area can be done with a quick internet search. You can search for Baby Café or La Leche League groups, or you can simply search with key words like “breastfeeding support.” You can also call your local Sanford Medical Center and ask about the local breastfeeding support available. Don’t be afraid to ask around! You won’t regret it.