What Does Your Due Date Really Mean?Pregnancy

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Understand how your due date is determined, and how it can influence your pregnancy announ...

The Baby Blues: Helping You Cope Through Depression After BabyParenting Pregnancy

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Depression in new moms is common. Learn how to receive help.

Catching Some Zzzz’sPregnancy

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Need help sleeping while pregnant? Check out these tips.

Testing for gestational diabetesPregnancy

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When and why women get tested for gestational diabetes

What to know about induced laborPregnancy

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Various options exist for inducing labor

Is it a Boy or a Girl?Pregnancy

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Hair loss after pregnancyPregnancy

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The emotional challenges of pregnancyPregnancy

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The many emotions experienced during pregnancy

Caffeine and Pregnancy: What's Safe?Pregnancy

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Is enjoying a white mocha, chai tea lattes or Diet Coke while pregnant safe?

Tips to Decrease Your Swollen Feet During PregnancyPregnancy

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Be Centered. Find Your Balance With YogaPregnancy

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Searching for a new way to relax and build strength?

Best labor positions for youPregnancy

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Find the best labor positions for you.

Amniocentesis: What to expectPregnancy

By Jeffrey Boyle, MD Apr 24, 2017

Amniocentesis provides valuable information with low risk.

What causes Preeclampsia?Pregnancy

By Pregnancy & Parenting Team Apr 21, 2017

Hypertension in pregnancy primary preeclampsia culprit

Water birth may be right for youPregnancy

By Sarah Roe Apr 14, 2017

Water birth can provide many benefits for you and baby.

Pregnancy and AllergiesPregnancy

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Are allergy medications safe to use during pregnancy?

What Testing for Birth Defects Can Tell YouPregnancy

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Major birth defects occur in 2 to 4 percent of all live-born infants. Understand the types...

Understanding High-Risk PregnanciesPregnancy

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What makes a pregnancy high risk?

Pregnancy glow vs. pregnancy skinPregnancy

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Your skin during pregnancy from pregnancy glow to acne

Secrets for an Easier LaborPregnancy

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Learn tips to help make labor easier.

Tired? Nauseous? Could you be pregnant?Pregnancy

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Video: What is a birth designer?Pregnancy

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Watch Dia explain what a birth designer is and the benefits.

Breast Milk is the Best MilkHealth & Nutrition Pregnancy

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Ensure your baby gets all the nutrients necessary for healthy growth by breastfeeding.

What to Know About AnemiaPregnancy

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See what causes anemia in pregnancy and how to treat it.

How often should my baby move?Pregnancy

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How often should my baby move?

How to Use Medications Safely During PregnancyHealth & Nutrition Pregnancy

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Understand how reading medication labels can help keep your baby safe.

Working until your due dateParenting Pregnancy

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Work until your due date? Here’s what you should know.

Do's and Don'ts During The First TrimesterPregnancy

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What to do and what not to do during the first trimester.

Video: Pregnancy MythsPregnancy

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Learn more about common pregnancy myths.

Video: How do I Relieve Pregnancy Symptoms?Pregnancy

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Video: Learn how to relieve common pregnancy symptoms.

Will Listening to Music Make Your Baby Smarter?Pregnancy

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Does classical music give your baby an edge later in life?

Pregnancy exhaustion. Why?!Pregnancy

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What causes first trimester exhaustion and how to manage it.

Pregnancy after birth controlPregnancy

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Planning for baby after birth control. What you should know.

Risk Factors of Pre-Term LaborPregnancy

By Jeffrey Boyle, MD Jan 23, 2017

Lower your chance of early delivery by knowing the risks.

7 Questions to Ask Before PregnancyHealth & Nutrition Pregnancy

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Preconception care will help you minimize possible risks associated with pregnancy.

10 Things to Expect During Your Second TrimesterPregnancy

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Ten adventures awaiting you in pregnancy’s second trimester

Pregnancy After 35Pregnancy

By Jeffrey Boyle, MD Dec 26, 2016

Learn about the risks of pregnancy after 35, and how you can lower them.

Video - Prenatal Vitamins: Which One is Best for Me?Pregnancy

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Explore vitamins recommendations for pregnant women

What You Should Know About Having an EpisiotomyPregnancy

By Pregnancy & Parenting Team Dec 19, 2016

Understand indications, risks, benefits, and alternatives

Video: I'm Pregnant! Now What?Pregnancy

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Know the first steps in OB care after you become pregnant

What is Hypnobirthing? Is it for me?Pregnancy

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Discover what HypnoBirthing is and if it’s for you.

Managing stress while pregnantParenting Pregnancy

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Discover how to manage your stress during pregnancy

What is Gestational Diabetes?Health & Nutrition Pregnancy

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Trouble controlling your blood sugars during pregnancy?

The ABCs of vitamins in pregnancyPregnancy

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The role of vitamins in pregnancy — from A to folate to K

Cancer during pregnancyPregnancy

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Pregnant with cancer: What every mom should know.

Are You a Candidate for VBAC?Pregnancy

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Does your medical history make you a candidate for VBAC?

Is Spotting During Pregnancy Normal?Pregnancy

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Becoming familiar with the causes of bleeding will help you know when to contact your doct...

6 signs of laborPregnancy

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Am I in labor? These cues can help you find out.

Postpartum depressionPregnancy

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Feeling blue after baby? You are not alone. Get postpartum d

First Trimester: What to ExpectPregnancy

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The first trimester: What’s going on with mom and baby? Lear

Safe medications during pregnancyPregnancy

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Taking medications while pregnant: Learn what’s safe for you

Weight gain during pregnancyPregnancy

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Weight gain during pregnancy: How much is OK?

Second Trimester: What to expectPregnancy

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The second trimester. What’s happening now? Learn here.

Top 5 Pregnancy MythsPregnancy

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Discover the truth behind these common pregnancy myths.

Update on the Zika Virus and PregnancyPregnancy

By Jeffrey Boyle, MD Aug 29, 2016

Zika: How virus affects pregnancy, birth defects, travel.

Coping with Gas During PregnancyPregnancy

By Pregnancy & Parenting Team Aug 15, 2016

Lifestyle tips to reduce build of gas during pregnancy.

Did My Water Break?Pregnancy

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Waiting for a gush? What to expect when your water breaks.

Five Myths About Exercising While PregnantPregnancy

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Surprising facts about exercising during pregnancy.

The Truth About Inducing LaborPregnancy

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Induction is recommended for various reasons. Is it the right choice to keep you and your ...

It's Twins! Prenatal Care for MultiplesPregnancy

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Learn the ins and outs of having a twin pregnancy.

Zika and PregnancyPregnancy

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Learn the facts, stats and risks of the Zika virus.

Should You Have a C-Section?Pregnancy

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What type of delivery will be best for you and your baby?

Recovering From DeliveryPregnancy

By Pregnancy & Parenting Team Jun 06, 2016

Are you prepared for what recovery after postpartum delivery

Warning Signs During PregnancyPregnancy

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Find out what is normal and what is not during pregnancy.

What’s Your Plan?Pregnancy

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Ready to write your birth plan? Get tips here.

Cell Free DNA TestingPregnancy

By Jeffrey Boyle, MD May 27, 2016

Learn about a new test to check for Down syndrome.

First Trimester FatiguePregnancy

By Peter Klemin, MD May 13, 2016

Sleepwalking through your first trimester? Here’s how to wak

Hemorrhoids And PregnancyPregnancy

By Jordan Coauette, MD May 09, 2016

Learn how to treat hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

Back Pain During PregnancyPregnancy

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Got back pain on board during pregnancy? Find relief here.

Is Sex OK During Pregnancy?Pregnancy

By Pregnancy & Parenting Team May 02, 2016

Learn the answers to questions about sex and pregnancy.

Are There Benefits to Bed Rest?Pregnancy

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Find out if bed rest is really good during pregnancy.

Ectopic Pregnancy What To KnowPregnancy

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Learn about the symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy.

Heartburn and PregnancyPregnancy

By Peter Klemin, MD Apr 11, 2016

Get help for your heartburn during pregnancy.

Know your birthing options after a c-sectionPregnancy

By Megan Miller, MD Apr 11, 2016

Pregnant after a C-section? You have birthing options.

Guide to morning sicknessPregnancy

By Heather Spies, MD Mar 29, 2016

What you should know about morning sickness during pregnancy

Everything you need to know about preeclampsia: What is it and can I g...Pregnancy

By Lacey Krebsbach, MD Feb 26, 2016

Preeclampsia can occur if you have high blood pressure.

High Blood Pressure During PregnancyPregnancy

By Jeffrey Boyle, MD Feb 13, 2016

Hypertension during pregnancy can affect you and your baby.

Can I Take This? The Best Over-The-Counter Medications During Pregnanc...Pregnancy

By Jeffrey Boyle, MD Feb 05, 2016

Over-the-counter medications aren’t always safe.

Push Past The Pain: 7 Ways To Manage Pain During ChildbirthPregnancy

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Read these tips that can make labor a little less intense.

Top 10 Things You Didn't Know About PregnancyPregnancy

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Check out these unexpected side effects of pregnancy

The Benefits of Burning a Few Calories While PregnantPregnancy

By Jordan Coauette, MD Jan 13, 2016

Exercising while pregnant is great for both you and baby.

Can I Work up Until my Due Date?Pregnancy

By Lacey Krebsbach, MD Jan 04, 2016

Working while pregnant is OK for most women.

The Healthy Way to Gain Weight During PregnancyPregnancy

By JoLyn Seitz, MD Jan 01, 2016

Keep close tabs on your pregnancy weight gain.

What to do About EpiduralsPregnancy

By Peter Klemin, MD Dec 07, 2015

An epidural is a safe way to ease pain during delivery

Medications for High Blood Pressure During PregnancyPregnancy

By Peter Van Eerden, MD Dec 02, 2015

Find out how high blood pressure can affect your pregnancy.

Tips for Packing Your Hospital Bag for LaborPregnancy

By Nichole Klemz Dec 02, 2015

Get tips from a birth designer on packing your hospital bag.

Pregnant and Overdue: Now What?Pregnancy

By Pregnancy & Parenting Team Nov 25, 2015

What to do when you are pregnant and overdue?

More Than Morning Sickness: Nausea and Vomiting During PregnancyHealth & Nutrition Pregnancy

By Pregnancy & Parenting Team Oct 21, 2015

Even though we call it morning sickness, it can occur any time during the day or night.

Pregnancy Red Flags! When Should You See Your Doctor?Pregnancy

By Jessica Sedevie, MD Oct 17, 2015

Find out what pregnancy symptoms are red flags.

Tips for Dads: Ready for Fatherhood?Parenting Pregnancy

By Pregnancy & Parenting Team Sep 30, 2015

Learn how soon-to-be dads can help throughout a pregnancy.

The Benefits of Exercising During PregnancyHealth & Nutrition Pregnancy

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Get energized and prepare for birth by exercising wisely.

Your Skin During PregnancyPregnancy

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Many women notice change in their skin during pregnancy.

Your Guide to Labor and DeliveryPregnancy

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The most important thing to remember about labor and delivery is to expect the unexpected.

Nausea During Pregnancy: Is Zofran Safe?Pregnancy

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Can Zofran be used to safely treat nausea during pregnancy?

What to Expect at Your First Prenatal VisitPregnancy

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From your first prenatal visit to delivery and aftercare, meeting with your provider throu...